vrijdag 30 december 2011

Let it shine ^^

Glow effect turns out great, yeah XD
Everybody, happy new year ^^
I'm going to ZERO13 and to end year activity with friends from scouting XD

woensdag 28 december 2011

Almost the end...

Of this year XD

Many things happend this week (Blood & gore in a throat, "boom" stam overleg, painting for the Low Lands Painting competition)
And Grendel/Combichrist on friday ^^

It's almost the end of the year, so it's time for me to put some photo's online of what I am doing.
Everybody who plays Warhammer 40k knows this drawing. But who knows who those guys on the right are? XD
I don't know either, but they look awesome :D

So here they are ^^
The pics are kinda crappy, so there will be better pics next year XD