maandag 29 augustus 2011

Daar ben ik dan weer

Introcamp was awesome!!!
I know now a lot more people, every day was a party (with multiple afterpartys).
We were also in the news papers :P

Try to find me, I'm one of those guys with the white shirt XD

But now it's time for some education... -.-
It's gonna be a tough year... Next week is the first Virgo party XD

But I know now 1 thing for sure, I must bring some of my warhammer to Breda :P
I'm bored to death here XD

And my music is a lil' bit dead now, iTunes is kinda like raping my extrenal hard drive XD

So it's time for an other song:

woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Ergens vanuit Breda... verstopt....

Ik zit op dit moment vast nog steeds in Breda, maar toch...

Ja, want je bent nu 18 dus dat moet gevierd worden XD
Veel plezier in HKZ, ik kom weer zo snel mogelijk terug om cadeaus te geven ^^

Maar tot die tijd zit ik nog op kamp :P

zondag 21 augustus 2011

I'm almost gone...

Almost, but I come back XD

Today I will move my stuff to Breda, rest and the next day it's Virgo-kamp ^^
The only way to get in contact with me is trying finding me in Breda, or call me XD
But I think there is no reason to find me :P
I will be back!

In the meanwhile...
A relaxed song from MotorStorm Apocalypse :)

donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Moving away

Yesterday was the big day.

Well... maybe not the real big day, but it was big enough :P

I'm going to live in Breda. It's for the pubs... I mean my study.
Yeah, Wilco is trying to get a brain ^^ From MBO to HBO to maybe robotica :P

And now I know 1 thing for sure. Building up and decorating my room is almost beginning to become frustrating :P
Almost as frustrating as this ^^

But the end is near, I'm almost done XD
Sunday is the last day of building and then ...

It's gonna be awesome ^^

ps ik ben ff aan het kijken of mn engels goed is, dus de komende tijd engelstalige posts. Nederlands is toch makkelijk :P

dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Let there be wings XD

When do you call a daemon girl a real daemon girl?
Only when she has daemonic wings XD

Het is nog steeds work in progress, en de wings zijn nog niet af :P

De base moet ook nog meer details krijgen (skulls, chains from the ground, daemonic stuff) 

Nu maar hopen dat het er epic gaat uitzien XD

Nog ff een maf muziekje erbij zetten :P