dinsdag 15 november 2011

Wohin gehst du, Wohin?

We're going to Amphi Festival :P
Soon.... (first order those tickets, but soooooon.....)

It's gonna be awesome XD
Eisenfunk, Combichrist, Project Pitchfork.... and many more ^^

But my life is now awesome, I'm happier than ever :P
There are no problems (except for my health... damn you longs, y u no stop burning from inside out) and even school is becoming ... easy ^^

Und das ist MEIN LAND!!!

Het is 100% kaasvrij en een speciaal iemand gaat me met me ^^

zaterdag 5 november 2011


2-11-2011 is gewoon een awesome datum ^^ Ticketservice bracht ons de kaartjes :P

Picdump from a crappy cam :P

Yeah, it's time for some pics :P

My little project of 2 Emperor's Children :P

Then there is the Daemon Girl ^^ She is almost done, only her hair and maybe adding some kind of horns...

And then a Dark Angel :P

Later maybe more pics of it XD